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Welcome to the ORIGINAL,TREE-FREE Banana Paper Company, specializing in Coffee Paper, Mango Paper, Hemp Paper, Sugar Paper and more!

In 1989, Eco Paper, Inc. traveled to Costa Rica and began the transformation away from tree used products and created a way to use post consumer and agricultural waste as paper using no chemicals, less water, and inks made from vegetable oil and soy. Less harmful tothe environment and petroluem free, Banana paper was born. EcoPaper, Inc. and Costa Rica Natural Paper now produce tree-free, acid-free, eco natural paper and paper products from all natural fibers. We use fibers from banana, coffee, hemp, lemon and other exotic tropical agro-industrial wastes .

Eco Paper equates its success based on the company's ability to produce tree free paper products for use in all both private and professional sectors, while minimizing our impact of the Earth. With the respect of all that surrounds us, Eco Paper and our natural sustainable banana paper products use the best available, least impactful technology to create for you, the consumer a environmentally friendly product that we all can be proud of.

If it doesn't say Costa Rica Natural or Eco Paper, Inc., it is NOT the ORIGINAL!

Your company rocks! I ordered two items last week and in my package you sent me two wonderful gifts. I used to order from 100% pure, but they can't compare to your customer service and product line. You have a customer for life. The products are simply wonderful!
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