Wholesale Guidelines

Program Details

We have just added more features & online functionality to our wholesale program. Wholsale customers may now browse ecopaper.com and view all of our tree free papers at wholesale and retail prices.  Some new features include a wishlist, live chat support and product comparison tool.

Minimum Requirements for Wholesale Accounts

  1. Provide a valid resale number or tax ID number
  2. Initial minimum order is $150.00
  3. Re-order minimums are $85.00
If you would like to see samples before you order you may buy 
a sample pack.  Catalogs and point of purchase displays 
are available per request. Our catalogs are printed on demand using our 
laser and ink jet printers. This allows our customers 
to see the print ability of our fine tree-free papers. If you would like a 
hard copy of the catalog, please reply to this email and we'll send one out 
to you.

Initial minimum order is $150.00.  All future re-orders are product pack minimums (i.e. If a product is sold in a pack of 4 units it cannot be broken to fill an order under the pack minimum). Kindly refer to our wholesale price list for product pack minimums on all future orders.*

To have a wholesale account setup please email your company and basic contact information to [email protected]

Our Commitment

Ecopaper is committed to an idea that reaches far beyond the scope of the 
paper business. It begins with a commitment to providing the highest 
quality product possible and to preserving the environment and being 
socially responsible along the way. We view our products as a fine mixture 
of technology and craft. Ecopaper's products are dramatic evidence how 
recycling industrial quantities of agricultural by-products and post 
consumer paper can be artistically and usefully reborn, rather than ending 
up in landfills or rivers.

We hope you will enjoy our papers; they have a character that's unseen in 
most papers made today.

The Tree Free Paper Adventure Continues....