Wave Quest Collection

If you go then you know, surfing is an acquisition heavily founded in persistence and determination but also one of the most magical and humbling experiences life has to offer. Although it may not be for the timid, everyone can admire surfing and the scenery that embodies it. Cover art by Wade Koniakowsky (a fellow surfer) who has enjoyed a 25-year career in advertising. With his painting, Wade translates the power and magic of land and ocean to canvas with oil being his preferred medium. He has been deeply involved in art and surfing his entire adult life. Wade believes surfing and art have always been natural partners. His art is clearly inspired by his love for the ocean. A surfer since 1966, Wade has developed a deep reservoir of ocean and surf imagery to draw from. “Inspiration comes in many forms, from Griffin surf cartoons to California Impressionism to watching the sky while surfing Swamis” says Wade. Advertising has also provided me with a huge mental catalog of images.

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