The Positive Effects of Journaling

 – Published February 23, 2009 –

Having dyslexia, I have been told that there are many things I would not be able to do in life. This never stopped me from doing what I wanted to do. Over the years of making fine environmental papers, journaling has become a passion of mine. Amazing things are always happening as a result of this practice.  I would like to share the positive effects of journaling with you. Positive Effects of Journaling Why Keep a Journal? One of the practices that have changed my own life is the regular habit of journaling.I encourage – and challenge – my family, friends and co-workers to begin journaling in an effort to become their best selves.

Here is some of my thinking on why journaling is a powerful tool for personal discovery and performance:

1. Journaling allows you to take fuzzy thinking and distill it into precise language. Do you remember when you were in school and you thought you knew the material for an exam only to meet with a study group and realize after discussing the material, that there were gaps in your understanding? Having a conversation about something forces you to find specific language for your thinking. Journaling is a conversation that you have with yourself. The more you journal, the more precision of thought you build. This brings great clarity to your life. With greater clarity, you can make choose different choices required to create new changes.

2. Journaling allows you a place to process unfelt emotions. In my life, I have come to realize that most people have a great deal of anger that resides within them (along with many other latent emotional baggage). Emotions affect our daily choices, often at a subconscious level. Many people act in overly aggressive or hurtful ways, blaming the other person, rather than assuming personal responsibility and investigating the deeper reasons why they are behaving as they do. Writing in a journal will allow you to process anger, sadness or hurts that you may have sustained along the journey of your life. This releases you and allows you to find greater freedom and make better choices, both professionally and personally.

3. Writing in a journal allows you to record your dreams. Dreams create hopefulness. The more intimate you can become with your dreams and the longings of your heart, the greater inspiration you can bring to your days. This promotes positive energy, which creates a richer experience of life.

4. Writing in a journal allows you to deepen your understanding. The mere action of writing something down allows for a more effective integration of learning. When you go to a seminar and take notes, memory will be ‘stickier’ than if you do not take notes. In the same way, journaling allows you to learn from life. It allows you to let your days serve you. You become wiser each day.

5. Journaling deepens commitment. The very act of writing things down deepens your resolve to make good things happen in your life. Take 15 minutes to write about the day you want to create and the choices you are dedicated to making in order to create an excellent day. This simple act will allow you to be much more proactive rather than reactive as you live out the remaining hours of this day.

Try it. Watch yourself learn, change and grow – quickly and effectively with journaling

• Life Mapping – Start with the big picture of your life.

• Awareness – Learn to go deeper and to be more expansive.

• Unraveling Subconscious Shadows – Get clear about what you want.

• Goals – Clarifying what I want in life.

• Commitment – Clarity builds willpower.

• Healing – Focus healing the past and feeling better about yourself.

Manifesting Goals and Creating What You Want what you want. Master anchoring, integration and co-creating.

Time Management – Overcome chaos, procrastination, time wasting and more

• Motivation – Tap into and maintain your natural power and passion.

• Creativity and Imagination – This single page will give you lots of new ideas.

• Life Purpose – Clarify your direction and destiny in life.

• Know Your Soul – Capture ways in which Soul works through you

• Decision Making – Make clearer, more creative and more fun choices.

535 million trees

Published February 3, 2009 – 2:42pm Posted by: The Banana Paper Guy

Americans use approximately 31.5 million tons of printing and writing paper each year, an amount requiring over 535 million trees and countless gallons of oil to produce (the figure of oil usage, you’d be embarrassed to know).

More paper products are now recovered than sent to landfills in the US, yet 65 percent of used printing and writing paper still ends up in the waste stream.  The pulp and paper industry ranks first in use of industrial process water, third in toxic chemical releases, and fourth in emissions of the air pollutants known to impair respiratory health.   Simple changes in our paper use and purchasing practices can help limit the depletion of forests and loss of habitat, reduce pollution and decrease the stress on our landfills.Purchasing products that are chlorine-free and include post-consumer fibers will reduce the strain on natural resources, promote resource conservation and waste reduction, and minimize toxic emissions.

Please choose environmentally-friendly papers for your school and office needs, carefully read the labels know the sourcing!