Tree Free Paper / Banana Paper 11 x 17 90 gsm - 500 sheet • Writing Text - $25.00

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Our organic Banana papers are made from combining tree free agricultural bio-products coupled with 100% post consumer content. Size 11 x 17 Banana Paper 90 grams.

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If you’re looking for a way to improve your Green Credentials, look no further! Banana™ Paper is perfect for any task and is inkjet and laser printer compatible.

Maybe you’re looking to win a prospective customer with a stylish presentation, or you want a professional looking letterhead, printing on Banana™ Paper will set you apart from the rest.

Agricultural by-products from plantations create serious solid waste problems worldwide. Help solve this problem and put environmentally friendly Banana™ Paper at the top of your shopping list.

Banana™ Paper contains 10% Banana Fiber and is a 100% post consumer recycled product that is free of chlorine, acid and lignin. Because the paper is acid-free it won't yellow or disintegrate over time. Just think about it; print on Banana™ Paper and your work will still look as good as new for generations to come.

And there’s more! Not only will you be helping to preserve our natural environment, you’ll also be helping disadvantaged children in Costa Rica as we donate a percentage of each sale towards an orphanage in San Jose.
With so many good reasons to buy, what are you waiting for? Place an order for a 500 sheet ream of Banana™ Paper now. You won’t be disappointed!

Paper Details
• Dimensions: 11 x 17
• Sheets: 500 sustainable tree-free paper sheets
• Paper: Type: Banana Paper
• Paper Weight: 75 grams
• Paper Process: PCF and PCW
• Other Paper Details: Charismatic and sturdy, is great for all applications Smooth, uncoated paper allows for rapid processing. No smearing or smudging to worry about! Your projects will have clear, crisp results. The artistic uncoated surface gives you true-to-life color reproduction that is sure to get noticed. 75 grams. Better than ordinary paper! Banana paper is perfect for any task. Tree free Paper, Acid Free Paper.


Tree Free Products: Products made from agricultural residue or agricultural fibers, not from Trees.

Agricultural waste: it is not an intentional crop, it is the waste from an existing land use, it is an excellent alternative since it is reducing the impact on the environment.

Post-Consumer Material (PCW) Waste paper that has served its intended purpose and has been separated from solid waste to be recycled into new paper. Quite commonly, it is simply the garbage that individuals routinely discard, either in a waste receptacle or a dump, or by littering, incinerating.

 Pre-consumer waste: commonly used in manufacturing industries, and is often not considered recycling in the traditional sense.

Post-Consumer Material (PCW) Waste paper that has served its intended purpose and has been separated from solid waste to be recycled into new paper. This is what you and I take to the recycling center.

Recycled Paper: EPA does not defined this term. According to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Guides for Environmental Marketing Claims, a paper can be called “recycled” only if it contains 100 percent postconsumer recovered fiber. If the postconsumer content is less than 100 percent, the paper should be called “recycled-content” paper.

Virgin Fiber/Paper: Refers to cellulose fiber derived directly from trees that have just been cut down.

Process(ed) Chlorine Free (PCF) Applies to post-consumer recycled content only as it means that no chorine (or compounds) were used "this time around" but there may be traces of chlorine present because of earlier processes which where not in our own process to make sustainable papers.

Totally chlorine free (TCF): No chlorine or chlorine derivatives used to make the paper.

* Also widely known as Recycled Paper & Recycled Board, which are now widely USED IN all over the world as following: Hard Book Cover Binding, Diaries Cover Binding, Exercise Book Covers, Spiral Pads Base Binding (Back-cover Binding) , Subject Notebooks Cover Binding etc.,

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU B-BN111790
yes no
Dimensions (1) 11"x17"
Dimensions (2) No
Sheets 100
Paper Type Banana Paper
Paper Weight 24Lb
Cover No
Binding No
Paper Process PCF and PCW 

Card Count No
Envelopes No
Sheets/Spine width No


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