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Tree Free Office Survival Bundle

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  The Tree Free Office Survival Bundle is a must have for any one looking to embrace sustainable practices in more ways than one, at home or in the office. Using tree free papers save's tree's by using Agricultural waste which is not an intentional crop, it is the waste from an existing land use. An excellent alternative to virgin and recycled paper since it is reducing the impact on the environment and keeping tree's where they belong.

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8.5 x 11-20 lb. Tree Free Multi-Purpose Sugar Cane Copy Paper 5,000 Sheets Per Carton SHIPPING INCLUDED ANYWHERE IN THE CONTINENTAL U.S.!
Tree Free Toilet Paper Extra Soft 500 – Case of 80




  The Tree Free Office Survival Bundle includes: 

  • A case (10 reams) of tree free Sugar Cane copy paper
  • A case of 80 (500) sheet rolls of tree free bamboo toilet paper.

   100% Sugar Cane paper is environmentally superior to virgin* paper AND recycled paper but indistinguishable.

  • This Tree Free paper is dust free which is even better for copiers lower frequency of maintenance . 
  • Our Tree Free Sugar Cane paper contains the most environmentally friendly high production multipurpose copy paper available anywhere in the world today.
  •  Made from 100% Sugar Cane waste, or “bagasse”*, Plantation Sugar Cane Fiber instead of trees from our forests. 
  •  It's fully biodegradable and recyclable and was made through a sustainable, eco-friendly manufacturing process.


    Nimbus Extra Soft has 2-Ply flexibility and strength for a comfortable and confident clean, made from our new 100% tree-free bamboo.

By choosing Nimbus Extra Soft, you are purchasing high quality, competitively priced tissue paper with the enormous benefit of working to preserve our planet.

Help us save the planet with every purchase! Every time you buy this bundle, we plant 3 tree's!

  • Our sustainable toilet tissue is chlorine free and has a high dispersibility
  • Safe for vacuum toilet systems and septic tanks. 
  • Harvested responsibly on farms not forests.
  •  no trees were harmed making any of our paper.


Additional Info

Additional Info

yes no
Dimensions (1) 8.5"x11"
Dimensions (2) No
Sheets 5000
Paper Type SugarCane paper
Paper Weight 20Lb
Cover No
Binding No
Paper Process PCF and PCW 

Card Count No
Envelopes No
Sheets/Spine width No


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