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Green Frog Tree-Free Paper Journal (10105)


GREEN FROG - Commonly found near water, ditches, small ponds or inside trees, this beautiful specimen has a bright green neckless body and big red bulging eyes, with strong legs that allows them to escape quickly from any predators. Usually their mature size is no more than 1.5 inch and belongs to the "True frog" family.

This Banana™ Paper journal is made from a blend of post-consumer waste & agriculture waste. Our tree free paper journal includes Costa Rica Natural Papers Banana™ Paper. Our organic notebook is excellent for keeping personal notes, ideas, or for travel purposes. Thoughts, memories, travel experiences or plans for the garden all can be written in your notebook or Journal. Made in Costa Rica from post-consumer waste and plantation agricultural waste fibers. We also make, Coffee Paper™, Mango Paper™, and Lemon Paper™ and are Tree – Free please review our web-site for more information.

Paper Details:

• Dimensions:
6 x 8 Journal / Notebook
• Sheets:
160 college ruled pages
• Paper Type:
80 sheets of Banana™ Paper
• Paper Weight:
75 grams
• Cover:
Hardcover made from Recycled Kraft Paper & Speck-free Kraft Board with Mid-strength *
• Binding:
Italian Wirebound
• Paper Process:
• Other Paper Details:
Tree free Paper, Acid Free Paper, 100% Post Consumer Waste & Banana plantation agricultural waste,Processed Chlorine Free, Natural Flecked Paper, 22 lb Basis Weight. Better than a recycled journal or a recycled notebook.

Process(ed) Chlorine Free (PCF)
Applies to post-consumer recycled content only as it means that no chorine (or compounds) were used "this time around" but there may be traces of chlorine present because of earlier processes which where not our in our own process to make sustainable papers.

Post-Consumer Material (PCW)
Waste paper that has served its intended purpose and has been separated from solid waste to be recycled into new paper. This is what you and I take to the recycling center.

* Also widely known as Recycled Paper & Recycled Board, which are now widely USED IN all over the world as following:
Hard Book Cover Binding, Diaries Cover Binding, Exercise Book Covers, Spiral Pads Base Binding (Back-cover Binding) , Subject Notebooks Cover Binding etc.,

Sustainable tree-free paper

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