Origanally Published May 4, 2009 - 11:39am

Posted by: The Banana Paper Guy


“By protecting nature’s resources, we help preserve an inexhaustible storehouse of riches. We restore and improve as we preserve nature’s abundance.”?Costa Rica Natural & Ecopaper have been affectionately known at home in Costa Rica as ‘The Banana Paper Guys’. Since 1995, have offered tree free papers perfect for writers, artists as well as those like my friends who write down favorite quotes, most intimate thoughts are scribbled in the stack of journals by their bedside. Costa Rica Natural Banana Paper Company’s products feature all natural fibers, eco-friendly fibers. “No tree has been cut to produce banana paper,” “Contrastingly, its beauty lightens from an artistic acid free blend of banana bunch stock fiber, injurious by-product of the banana agro-industry, and urban post consumer paper. It’s about making natural banana fiber paper that preserve’s our life’s and nature.”?Each year, 15 countries process 42 million tons of bananas within this huge (and ancient) banana agro-industry. Much of the waste produced—over 10 million metric tons—is comprised of the pinzote, or the stem of the banana. The pinzote waste is fiber that can be used to produce paper, and that’s exactly what Ecoaper does. Offering notebooks and journals in a variety of shapes and sizes in colorful designed collections that remind us all of our commitment to the environment, as well as loose leaf, hand-made paper, ruled filler paper, fax- and printing-appropriate blank paper, and envelopes, our eco company offers a variety of options to make your life environmentally friendly, from holiday and year-round gift-giving to everyday green living.