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100% Recycled Tab Dividers for 3 ring binders


Made from durable 18 point bending chipboard. These bending chipboard subject dividers contain 100% recycled fibers (56% Post Consumer Recycled and 44% Post Industrial Recycled). Retab's are one solid piece of bending chip board and more durable than flimsy paper dividers with plastic tabs.

Divider Details

Dimensions: 8 x 11 / 8 tabs per pack • Uses: fits in all 3 ring binders • Paper Process: PCW


Process(ed) Chlorine Free (PCF) Applies to post-consumer recycled content only as it means that no chorine (or compounds) were used "this time around" but there may be traces of chlorine present because of earlier processes which where not of our own production process to make sustainable papers. Post-Consumer Material (PCW) Waste paper that has served its intended purpose and has been separated from solid waste to be recycled into new paper. This is what you and I take to the recycling center.

Paper Details